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Valerie Lemiere: Start Business in France

Bonjour, I'm Valérie Aston, a French business advisor. I help English speakers create and manage their freelancing or small business in France, so they can concentrate on developing their activity.

Moving to France is exciting: new home, new work, new culture! But having to grasp the business rules can be overwhelming, especially if you don't master the language yet.

How I can help you:

  1. Private forum: Ask me anything about your business for a year. Avoid sleepless nights and get reliable answers. I've answered about 85,925 questions for 3,340 members since 2009!
  2. Power Hour: Book a one-to-one call for advice on your business project. Get up to speed quickly, talk through your options and understand the implications of your choices.
  3. Auto-entrepreneur registration: Let me handle your business registration in France. I'll manage the whole process for you, while sending you a useful factsheet and tips to guide you with the paperwork.
  4. Auto Entrepreneur overview: All you need to know about the auto entrepreneur (micro entrepreneur). How does it work, regulations, taxes, can it work for you?
  5. Business administration: Something is wrong with your business set up (taxes, health cover, paperwork) and you are getting in a pickle. Let me find out where the problem comes from and fix it.

Business blog

Micro Entrepreneur overview 2021-2022

I have created a micro entrepreneur mini course for just for you! And my promise is simple: within a couple of hours this course will enable you to make an informed decision ...

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La Rentrée: back to work and business objectives

After a long break in August, if you have settled with the French way of life, it is time to get back to your objectives and reorganising your daily routine. ...

By Valérie Aston · 2 Sep 2021 · 506 views


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Business podcasts

How to set up a health cover and get a carte vitale

This podcast explains how to set up a health cover and how to get a carte vitale for entrepreneurs. Find out how your carte vitale will be issued and answers to popular questions on health cover. ...

By Valérie Aston · 10 May 2011

Adding an APE or NAF code to your business

This podcast discusses the implications of adding an extra APE or NAF activity code to your current business and how to do it. Adding an extra APE activity code can be done for an auto-entrepreneur, an entreprise ...

By Valérie Aston · 10 May 2011

Complete overview of the auto-entrepreneur system

This podcast, which is 44 minutes long, will give you a complete overview of the auto-entrepreneur system. It's perfect if you're starting a business in France as an auto-entrepreneur, or you're registered and want a ...

By Valérie Aston · 6 Sep 2013

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